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LET 215 - Fundamentals of Photonics
1/21/2014 to 5/22/2014 (16.6 weeks)
Ticket # 66490
lockLET 205


3:00PM - 5:20
5:30PM - 6:50

email B. Monacelli 

location_onATEP B101B
(Off Campus)

location_onATEP D106
(Off Campus)


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Catalog Description

This course details the most important tools that are used when working with light, from lasers and other light sources to cameras and sensors. Photonic devices are used in lecture demonstrations and laboratory experiments to show how light can be generated, manipulated, and captured. Hardware is broken down to its constituent components--lasers are reduced to gain media, pump sources, and mirror cavities; cameras are dissected down to their bare chemistry. Students will gain hands-on experience with industrial hardware and tools in the laboratory.

Important Dates
First Week of Class Begins:Tuesday, 1/21/2014alarm
First Class Meeting on:Friday, 1/24/2014alarm
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Last Week of Class Ends:Thursday, 5/22/2014alarm

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