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To find all open classes, just click on the 'Submit' button. You may, if you wish, use the other fields on the form to refine your search. Note: The online schedule is updated throughout the day with class status information, but some classes listed may have closed since the schedule was last updated.

Click on the Help button for hints on successful searching. If you have trouble finding a class, press the 'Reset' button between searches to make sure you reset all of the search criteria. help_outline Help
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This page allows you to search the class schedules of all colleges in the South Orange County Community College District. Select the appropriate college or select "Any" to search all class schedules.
You can search any of the terms that are currently available online.
The default search returns classes that are closed and open. This field allows you to restrict your query to a specific class status.
If you know a specific class ticket number that you want to look up, enter it in this field.
This field provides a way for you to search the title, schedule description, catalog description, comments, and course ID of the classes using a key word or phrase.  This search supports the boolean operators AND, OR, NOT and NEAR.  If you just enter two or more words without enclosing them in quotes, it will assume you only want to see classes that have all of the words affiliated with the class (defaults to AND).  Words enclosed in quotes will be treated as a phrase and must appear in the same order you type them.

Please note that if you are searching by course ID, you may have trouble finding a class because many of our courses have very cryptic course IDs (such as N for Nursing or GD for Graphic Design).  In this case you may just want to search for a word that would likely appear in one of the descriptions.
Enter the last name of an instructor in this field and your search will be restricted to only classes that he/she is teaching. Note: This only works with the last name of the instructor and is case-insensitive.
This field allows you to restrict your search to On-Campus or Off-Campus classes.
This field allows you to select the length of the class. The default will show all, but you can specify full-term, first 8 week, second 8 week, or irregular classes.
IGETC stands for the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum and is useful if you need to fulfill a specfic IGETC requirement. You can select the specific requirement from the list, and your search will only display classes that meet that requirement.
This box allows you to restrict your search to courses that are offered in a specific subject area. You can choose multiple subjects at one time by selecting them using CTRL/Click or Shift/Click (hold down the CRTL or Shift keys and then click on a range of subjects).
You can restrict your search to classes that are offered during specific days and times during the day. You can use the radio buttons to clear all of the checkmarks, set all of them, or set them in a typical class pattern (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu).

The time ranges are defined as classes that begin:
Morning: Before noon
Afternoon: Between noon and 4:15 PM
Evening: 4:30 or later