Important Dates

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Registration and Grade Related Dates
Class Schedule Available Online:Monday, 3/6/2017alarm
In-Person Registration Starts:Friday, 4/28/2017alarm
Semester Begins:Tuesday, 5/30/2017alarm
Refunds Given For Classes Dropped By:(Full Term Classes Only)Friday, 6/2/2017 *alarm
No Penalty Drop Date (No record on transcript):(Full Term Classes Only)Sunday, 6/11/2017 *alarm
Last Day to Drop (With W on transcript):(Full Term Classes Only)Monday, 7/17/2017 *alarm
Semester Ends:Saturday, 8/12/2017alarm
* If your class does not meet for the full semester, you can view this date for your individual class(es) in the online schedule by clicking on the 'Details' link.

Holidays - Classes Do Not Meet On:
Memorial Day:Monday, 5/29/2017alarm
Independence Day:Tuesday, 7/4/2017alarm
Note: Dates are not necessarily listed in chronological order.